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How Can You Make Your Roof Do Double Duty?

25 October

In today’s busy world, it’s tempting to want to multitask whenever possible. But can you extend this desire to multitask to your office building itself? While before, a roof was just a roof, today roofs can not only guard against the elements but also provide your building with electricity, insulate your building from the elements, […]

How To Buy A Gas Grill

24 October

Adding a gas grill to your back yard gives you the ability to cook outdoors in all except for the most inclement weather. However, if you’ve been shopping for a grill lately, you know that there are a myriad of different types of grills on the market. The choices can be overwhelming. What to look for […]

3 Natural Options To Clean Your Wrought Iron Fencing

24 October

Traditional wood fences provide privacy and value, but your subdivision or neighborhood may have strict covenants against certain fencing materials. Fortunately, a wrought iron fence is a classic option that will most likely work in your neighborhood. Due to the amazing durability, ease of maintenance, and valuable appeal, wrought iron fencing is a great option. […]

Inspecting And Solving Air Conditioner Fan Problems

23 October

When an air conditioning unit fails, there are a few different places that need to be analyzed. Frozen condenser coils, burned electrical contacts or fan failures can weaken or completely end your home or business’s comfort. The following troubleshooting techniques will focus on a failing air conditioner fan, a common failure point that requires a […]

Top Roof Maintenance Tips

23 October

An asphalt shingled roof can last as many as 30 years if it is well-maintained. Tile or slate roofing can last even longer. Roof replacement may be an eventual necessity for your home, but if you maintain and repair it as needed, you’ll maximize its life cycle. Use the following tips to help maintain your […]